Monday, January 16, 2012


We were sitting on the bench in front of the library while waiting for our lecturer. Then, a cleaning lady passed in front of us.

My friend greeted her with a smile and asked her whether she’s fine or not.

Then I asked my friend with 1001 weirdness.

Did you know her?



If we treat people with kindness, people will treat us back with kindness.

Ooo….T.T (wadussssshhhhhhhh….repeeeeennntttt…..)

But, some might argue that the world does follow this 'theory'. If we do a good deed, nobody would notice it. In the worst case, they make fun of our effort.

Did you forget about Allah, The Knower of All? He is noticing you, and also counting the effort you have done.

Okay, Back to the topic…

STOP AND STARE (humming)…. Look around you. We, most of the time, forget to STOP and SMILE to all those people who HELP us to cleaning our IPG. Our classrooms, toilets, hostels, library...

We say Alhamdulillah to show that we are grateful to Allah. How are we showing our ‘thanks’ to those cleaners?

Throw the rubbish into the dustbin.  Excellent!

Let’s being double triple excellent person. How?

Greet them with salaam and a smile.

Say thank you.

In order to show our appreciation and it might be some sort of motivation for them.

Our Deputy Director, Mr. Mehander Singh also said thank you to the cleaner who came to clean his room every morning. (source: trusted and guaranteed)

Dr. Mehander is more educated than us, and he’s not a muslim, but he can show some respect to them. We only a student, plus a Muslim, what are the reasons do we have to not saying ‘thank you’, or give a smile to them?   

It’s their responsibility…maaa…

Have no time.

In hurry.

It’s complicated.

Shy. =.=”

They might have a wider knowledge than us. They might be more special in Allah’s ‘eye’ compared to us. We never know.

Above all, we also aware to whom the greetings we should give.

Sisters(Muslimah) greet the women, Brothers(Muslimin) greet the men.

Let’s spread the salaam among us.

The Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) has told us: “O People! Spread salaam, feed the hungry, be in touch with your kin, and pray while people are asleep (at night) you shall enter paradise peacefully. (Tirmidhi)

And he ﷺ was asked about the best actions and he replied: “Feeding the hungry, and saying salaam to those you know and those you don’t know.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

…..wallahu’ alam

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